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Achieving Balance is different from other books on balance. How do I know?

Because I have read literally hundreds of books on various aspects of balance over the last 25 years.

The problem you face when you are looking for answers is that little nuggets are embedded in books with 400 pages.

I wanted to make achieving balance accessible to a wide audience.

I have done this by explaining key aspects of balance in a page, a picture and a paragraph so that the reader can understand the core essence of any concept or idea.

People talk about self help but I prefer the idea of self awareness. This is the interrelation between you as an individual and everything around you.

Who does this book apply to?  Basically everyone on the planet!

Who will read the book first? Those who are already aware of themselves and the connection between them and those around them.

Who will read the book the last? Those who need to read it the most!!

This book will explain What is Balance?  and also How to apply balance to your life?

I hope to discuss various aspects of balance on the blog and look forward to everyone’s comments.

The Achieving Balance movement is a collection of people who are interested in collaborating in a meaningful and sustainable way. Please JOIN US!